This article has been preserved from an anonymous internet blogger who went by the name DorkZoneHero.

He is a cool dude and I stand behind everything it says.


Are you an Iceman or Maverick?

Understanding Safety in BASE Starts in Aviation

Most Importantly, We Need to tell a Buddy When he is Being a Danger to the Whole Community.


Why is Maverick a Danger and Why is Iceman Angry?

It’s not really anger, it is a very well-acted charade. Iceman used to be the best student at Top Gun. Then Maverick came along and
broke two rules of engagement to get ahead of the game on his very first flight. This made Iceman upset. After all, it’s not fair that
Maverick isn’t playing the game by the same rules that he is. Iceman worked hard to become a Top Gun pilot and it pisses
him off that others can just cruise along. What Iceman comes up with is something called the “safety game”.

“The Safety Game”

Humans crave safety. If you can give the impression that you can provide them with increased safety, then they will gather around
you like stink on shit. Remember that Iceman just lost his “alpha male” position after he got his ass kicked by Maverick’s insane piloting skills.
Iceman is giving the impression that the other’s safety would be better if they start to dislike Maverick. Safety is such a powerful product to be
selling in that environment. Maverick now needs to prove Iceman wrong for a full 90 minutes until Iceman finally tells Maverick,
“You can be my wingman anytime.” I have taken notice that the basejumping community has a lot of these Icemen. They contribute to nothing
constructive, I identify myself with Maverick more. And I would like to ask the readers of this blog to be careful about choosing the wrong side
next time there is a discussion about safety. Safety is easy, just pull before you hit the ground. Lets not make it more complicated than it is. In fact
lets make basejumping Maverick again, none of this Iceman crap. Just look at the comparison below who is the coolest.

Happy Safety out there