Spaceball flying

What are spaceballs?

Spaceballs are small objects (usually tennis balls) that are weighted to achieve a specific
terminal velocity. Because a spaceball does not change shape or surface area presentation in freefall
(like a human body does), it is one of the most stable falling tools a skydiver can use to
train freefall relative movement control. Think of it as your own wind tunnel in the sky!

Cassie flies with the ball

Spaceballs can be used for training in many orientations.

Whitney and Dave fly with the ball

Improper control of spaceballs or reckless unqualified spaceball flight can be very dangerous.
Design of a ball is very sensitive. Small changes to weight and/or drag can cause huge changes
in the speed of the ball. Failure to retrieve the ball could be disastrous and possibly fatal.

 Fortunately, I have a lot of experience in spaceball design and flight.
I regularly conduct spaceball coaching in all orientations and teach how to master the ball.
When load organizing for boogies, I often bring a bag full of spaceballs
of all different speeds for group spaceball jumps.

If you have any questions regarding spaceball coaching or training contact:
SJPalacio84 at gmail dot com