Mr. Bones is available for:

  • Freefly sky/tunnel coaching
  • Freefly load organizing at your next event
  • Spaceball coaching/training  (Click here to learn more)
  • Simon Bones has been freefly organizing for various

    big skydiving events such as:

      • Texas State Head Down Record (Co-Organizer), 2013, Skydive Dallas, TX
      • Prodigal Child Reunion Boogie 2013, West Side Skydivers Houston, TX
      • CPI 52nd Anniversary Boogie, 2013, Connecticut Parachutists Inc, CT
      • Summerfest 2013, Skydive Chicago, IL
      • 2013 Independence Day Boogie, Chicagoland Skydiving Center, IL
      • General Freefly LO weekend 2013, Connecticut Parachutists Inc, CT
      • Carolinafest 2013, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • Freefly Skills Camps (4), 2013, Chicagoland Skydiving Center, IL
      • TX head down record camp tryouts organizer 2013, Skydive Spaceland, TX
      • 2012 Invasion Boogie, Skydive Sebastian, FL
      • 15th Annual MS Fundraiser Boogie, 2012, Chicagoland Skydiving Center, IL
      • CPI 51st Anniversary Boogie, 2012, Connecticut Parachutists Inc, CT
      • US National upright formation record, 2012 Skydive Crosskeys, NJ
      • Independence Day Boogie, 2012 Chicagoland Skydiving Center, IL
      • Carolinafest 2012, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • Texas (and first state ever) official State Upright formation record, TX 2012, Skydive Spaceland, TX
      • 14th Annual MS Fundraiser Boogie, 2011, Chicagoland Skydiving Center, IL
      • Fabulous Annual Boogie In Orange, 2011, Skydive Orange, VA
      • Dead Man Boogie 5, 2011, Skydive San Marcos, TX
      • Connecticut State Head Down Record, 2011
      • CPI 50th Anniversary Boogie, 2011, Connecticut Parachutists Inc, CT
      • Carolinafest 2011, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • STP Howlin' Halloween Boogie, 2010, Skydive The Point, VA
      • Dead Man Boogie 4, 2010, Skydive Temple, TX
      • Labor Day Boogie, 2010, Skydive San Marcos, TX
      • Texas State Head Down Record (Assistant Organizer), 2010, Skydive Dallas, TX
      • South Carolina State Head Down Record (Co-Organizer), 2010, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • Carolinafest 2010, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • Heat Waves Boogie, 2010, Skydive Houston, TX
      • SSM 5th Annual Halloween Boogie, 2009, Skydive San Marcos, TX
      • Carolinafest 2009, Skydive Carolina, SC
      • Spring Fling Boogie, 2009, Skydive Suffolk, VA
      • XC Invasion Boogie, 2007, Skydive Suffolk, VA





Mr. Bones is also an IBA rated wind tunnel coach (see here)



 Sit Round               Tunnel head down

 and is rated to coach in all orientations of flight including:

 Also specializing in basic instruction (Tandem and AFF)

Also offering basic rigging service(+beer)



Contact: SJPalacio84 at gmail dot com